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Positive COVID test and Apple releases updates.

Well, after planning to drop off my laptop I tested positive for COVID so I ended up having to isolate myself for a week – it wasn’t too bad given that I’ve experienced a whole lot worse in my life. I’m hoping that I’ll eventually have the time to head into Wellington to get the keyboard repaired – the spacebar is already rather iffy along with many other parts of the keyboard. If I get another 2-3 years out of this then I’ll be a happy lad.

Apple released macOS 12.3, iOS 15.4 and tvOS 15.4 (along with others), the system firmware remained the same but the loader version has been updated from 540.80.2~11 to 540.100.7~14. In terms of Safari it has been bumped up from Version 15.3 (17612. to Version 15.4 (17613. which includes 70 new enhancements (link) not to mention various updates to drivers such as the AMD driver being updated to fix up a security issue along with many others security fixes being shipped (link). There were all plenty of fixes for iOS and tvOS (link).

Over all, after updating all my devices, I’ve found that they’re working slightly faster, Safari had it’s fair share of fixes which has resulted in it being a lot more snappy particularly when it comes to websites that that have a reasonable level of complexity. Hopefully the improvements coming through is beginning of a much required improvement in translating the improvements appearing in the Technology Preview and for those improvements to make a timely appearance in the mainstream build of Safari.

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