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Chrome 100 and WWDC rumours.

Chrome 100 was released today – many bug fixes and security fixes so best to get updated to the latest version as soon as possible. So far on my MacBook Pro it has been going well – no strange memory leaks, the uBlock Origin extension is running well, no website compatibility issues etc. so I’m fairly happy so far.

Rumour has it that WWDC 2022 will either come in the first or second week of June but I guess we’ll need to see when it will be. For me the big focus is what will happen with macOS, specifically, getting those improvements that appear in Safari Technology Preview to be migrated to Safari ‘mainstream edition’ that comes with macOS. For most people (including myself) the web browser has become the most important piece of software on their computer, it is the first thing one opens after lifting the lid, it is the run time engine that is delivering what Java promised to deliver but never did with reasonable performance and/or responsiveness – write once, run everywhere. Safari has been lagging behind in terms of embracing standards or have broken implementations which has resulted in some web developers getting rather frustrated as they balance up targeting Chrome/Edge and Firefox but finding Safari a rather painful experience.

Work was good today, working on standardising the standard operating procedures – something I’ve put forward is having a place where we put clean boundaries as to the scope of technical support that we provide out customers. The reason why I say that is because at some point you have to draw a line in the sand between what we can provide assistance with vs. something that they’ll need to speak to a technician about. For example, if you’re a bank and provide internet banking then there is a fine line between resetting a password, teaching someone how to use the service etc vs. having to step the customer through the process of upgrading their browser or updating their operating system so that their software is compatible with your service. There has to be a line in the sand or otherwise your help desk moves from providing support to customers on how to use your product into a general purpose help desk where people get their technical issues solved which are well outside the scope of what you’re employed by the business to do.

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