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Laptop keyboard, Australian election and hypocritical self righteous indignation.

Another week has come and gone – getting closer to the couple of weeks off I’ll have in June but so far the weeks are speeding up with time feeling as though it is flying at lightening speed. I’m still deciding whether I should wait until June to take my laptop in to get the keyboard replaced or whether I should take it in now to get it out of the way – I’ll make that decision I guess when I get there, when I wake up and feel in the mood to ride my scooter into Wellington.

There was a South Australian election recently with Labor sweeping to victory but it’ll be interesting to see whether that’ll translate to success for Labor in the federal elections. As much as I want to be hopeful for the Australian Labor party I can’t help but feel that the Australian public will be once again be duped into voting Liberal thanks to the carefully tuned BS manufacturing that the Australian media has – if it isn’t the outright distortion of Labor’s track record then it is game of false balance aka “both sides are as bad as each other” nonsense.

Regarding the election here, there is still 18 months which can be an eternity in politics and many things can occur between now and then especially when one considers the fact that there is a pandemic still raging. That being said, Labour cannot rely on it’s COVID success, they need to take control of the narrative by putting forward a bold long term vision for New Zealand that focuses on key areas and how, when all combined, they work together to reading the end goal. A long term vision for New Zealand isn’t just about ‘winning elections’ but about setting a level of certainty to the business community can plan around, in particular around training a new generation of skilled tradespeople so that they can engage in what I call nation building.

Chris Wallace, a leading anchor on Fox News decided to leave Fox News back in December 2021 but apparently it was the election and Tucker Carlson’s monologues on a variety of subject matter that broke the camels back:

Really, after 18 years and the train wreck of propaganda that he finally drew the line then? I’m sure many people remember the egregious stuff said by various other presenters in the past but he has only just decided to leave? Maybe I’m too principled for my own good but I tend to want to work for an organisation where I can lay in bed at the end of each day knowing that what I did at work wasn’t damaging society.

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