Enjoying the weekend so far.

Well, something strange occurred this week. I logged into my iCloud account to check something with my domain settings then checked my mail settings – funny enough it appears that Apple had fixed the issue where I had an old custom domain email alias still appearing in the iCloud Mail aliases even though I had deleted it in the custom domain settings. I wonder whether there has been some updating of the iCloud backend resulting in these sorts of anomalies fixed up in the process. It is always interesting when a problem just corrects itself without having to intervene.

Logged into WordPress and it appears there is a 50% off on buying a Workspace subscription being offered I’m always drawn back to Google’s enterprise offering because the Google Drive performance being better than iCloud Drive not to mention that Google will be setting up a local datacenter that’ll make the performance even better. It reminds me of this article (link) when thinking about how Google has suddenly appeared to get their house in order: Finally having a messaging strategy, Chat and Meet available for all users etc. It finally appears that the CEO has unofficially announced that the days of behaving like a startup with throwing ideas at a wall to see what sticks is over, that the focus is on maintaining and building what exists rather than simply creating new products to get noticed all for the sake of end of the year review (the same sort of toxic playing politics occurred in Microsoft back when they had stack ranking resulting in features being added but existing projects being not being maintained or poorly maintained because one received more brownie points for creating new features). Google has many great products and services, they just need to get their act together and execute them better so then they can gradually ween themselves off advertising revenue (just in case the US government grow a backbone and force a break up or impose some sort of regulation on ‘big tech’) in favour of growing their ‘paid for services and products’ revenue.

The saga of Safari 15.6 and YouTube continues. For those not following me on Twitter or Mastodon, there is a compatibility issue between YouTube and Safari 15.6 (it started before that version) where you click on the back arrow but the page doesn’t back to the previous page. I originally thought it may have been AdGuard Safari Extension so I setup a new account on my Mac then logged in to try it on Safari 15.6 with a clean install – same situation occurred again. I’m going to see what happens regarding Safari when macOS 13 ‘Ventura’ to see whether this is a situation of a bug in Safari or YouTube using a web technology that is either not implemented or a buggy implementation of it.Whatever the case maybe I don’t want to make a rash decision so I’ll see what happens.

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