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Back to working from home.

The weather has been atrocious so I told my boss that it would best to work from home to avoid the cold weather. I’d prefer to going into work since it provides a ‘wall of separation between work and home life’ which avoids the two from intermingling resulting in personal time being overtaken by work. It is good that my boss is flexible – I work just as productively at home as I do at work.

I’ve installed Chrome on my MacBook and reading some of the changes that will be made with Chrome in the upcoming releases (link) with the interesting change which stood out being ‘Align Timers (including DOM timers) at 125 Hz’. In the explanation notes it appears to benefit Mac users by reducing Chrome’s energy Impact by 10% on macOS. I’m sure further reading will uncover more features but appears that Google is doubling down on improving Chrome on macOS.

There is also the ongoing saga regarding Manifest v3, webRequest and its successor declarativeNetRequest (link) with the continuing discussion between third party extension developers having to deal with the real world while the programmers at Apple, Microsoft and Google can’t seem to accept that their replacement API severely hampers the ability for third party developers to create sophisticated content blocking extensions. Hopefully we’ll see cooler heads prevail and there will be a satisfactory resolution which will avoid a bad experience for all concerned.

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