When a problem suddenly gets solved.

Back to using Safari after having some flirtation with Chrome. Funny enough after moving back and using Google Chat it appears that they’ve addressed the scrolling issue (it wouldn’t scroll down after sending a message resulting in having to manually scroll down after each message sent). It’s one of those things where a bug has existed for months then suddenly Google fixes it without much fanfare, oh well, at least it is now working which is the main thing. On the subject of Safari, Webkit is being developed with a frantic pace but the million dollar question is about the speed in which features developed and made available in the Safari Technology Preview make their way into the mainstream release of Safari.

It appears that websites are getting more and more crafty in their attempts to work around content blockers but on the good side I’ve be reporting those websites to AdGuard developers so that the relevant filters can be updated. It truly is frustrating when website owners do this sort of thing – if people are using content blockers when visiting your website then maybe this is an opportunity for you to question the decisions you’ve made up to this point in your life. I understand the need to have advertisements on the website to keep the lights on but if your advertisements are obnoxious and take away from the ability for the end user to enjoy the website then don’t be surprised that more people will use content blockers.

I went to mum’s house and had dinner with my sister, her partner and daughter, we had roast chicken, potatoes, kumara and, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots with cheese sauce. It’s always good to have some home cooking which funny enough has motivated me to getting my act together to start cooking some decent meals at home rather than the kind of half assed meal preparation I’ve been doing for the last few years ever since the pandemic. While I was there I updated mum’s computer which is stuck at Windows 10 due to the computer being too old but that being said it is perfectly adequate for what mum uses it for. Oh, and she’s happy with her iPhone SE – a replacement for her old Nokia mobile phone. If I trip over some winnings from a lotto ticket then I’ll get her a new laptop and desktop (Apple Mac of course).

It’s that time of the year again and I’m looking at seeing what the ‘big three’ aka Vodafone, Spark (Skinny being a sub brand of Spark) and 2 Degrees. Vodafone is looking pretty good at this stage when you consider that they’ve finally sorted out their billing system so that you can log in and see ones mobile and internet on the same bill not to mention that Vodafone offer a better entry level ‘pay monthly’ than what Spark and 2 Degrees offer. I’ll see what happens in 8 September when Apple have their presentation which will be the announcement of the iPhone 14 Pro Max – see what deals Vodafone have to offer.

Just to end this blog post a small reminder to those who like to offer ‘corrections’ in the comment section of YouTube and other forums:

If you’re going to be arrogant in your correction while throwing in unrelated nonsense in your post (what this has to do with ‘woke’ is a mystery, it appears that certain individuals throw it around in much the same way that right wings throw around socialism or communism as a place holder for ‘all things bad’) then you might want to make sure that you get your facts right. The video never said you couldn’t have have a song longer than 3 mins on a 45 rpm record, the video stated that if you tried to squeeze more onto a 45 rpm record that the quality suffers because of the closeness of the grooves resulting in audio ‘lacking punch’. When it comes to how they might have made available Hey Jude on a 45 rpm record then it might have something to do with the specifications:

Given that it was in mono then the result may have been the audio taking up less space on the record which may allow 7:08 to fit on a single side while maintaining fidelity.

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