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New shifts, new schedule – a fresh start.

This week is the start of a new shift schedule, three days a week I start at 11:30 (finishing at 20:00) and two days a week I start at 13:30 (finishing at 22:00) – I’m able to go home at 16:30 on my ‘lunch’ so then I can finish my shift off at home, something I’ll do regularly in future which will avoid crazies on the road and avoid the cold at night. I’m a night owl and enjoy working the late hours so this is a perfect fit for me and unlike in my past life of working in hospitality I’m not dealing with customers who leave a trail of rubbish from one end of the eating area to the other.

Ubiquiti is looking into moving the UDM and UDM Pro over to the UniFiOS 2.x platform: “An upcoming version of UDM/UDM-Pro will migrate to UniFi OS 2.x. The process is currently being well-tested internally and will be released shortly, with no specific ETA.” (link) So at the moment they’re focusing on bug fixing and maintaining 1.12.x branch until UniFiOS 2.x platform matures which will then bring it inline with UDM SE and other products that utilise the UniFiOS 2.x platform. Hopefully the move to UniFiOS 2.x will result in regular updates which will include enhancements as well as bug fixes.

On Thursday NZ time (Wednesday US time) will be the day Apple gives their big iPhone announcement, when iOS, macOS and other platforms will be released to the public along with refreshes to other product lines. It’ll be interesting to see what is announced but something tells me that it won’t be the bowel shaking earth shattering ‘next big thing’ that’ll be announced. Expect to see a natural evolution of what exists with maybe some interesting additions but don’t expect anything huge. I’m looking forward to hearing the release date of macOS – maybe I’ll see. if I can get some time off when it is released so I can have some fun trying it – see whether some big steps have been made when it comes to Safari.

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