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End of a week, beginning of a new.

Well, that was the first week of my new work schedule and so far I absolutely love it. The days I start at 11:30 I can do half at work and half at home then on the days I start at 13:30 I can work from home the whole day. One of the benefits of working from home means I have a much better work environment along with a great internet connection – relaxing, quiet and none of the chaos in the background makes for a much better working experience. The other great benefit is the fact that is this, if I feel under the weather but good enough to work I can do so from home. This also helps coworkers as well – when people have the sniffles but still good enough to work, they can work from home which keeps the beginning of being sick away from the office while not having to worry about using up ones sick days (obviously if you’re absolutely sick then you need to rest).

Another cool thing I found is a website that sells cases of BOSS iced coffee directly to the public (link). Next pay I’m going to order 4 cases over all – something that’ll be a nice refreshing ‘pick me up’ before work that I’ll have with my daily iron supplement. I wish I could get the old Moccona iced coffee but unfortunately they stopped selling that and I can’t get the Nescafe ones that used to be sold on 1 Day Sale many years ago (if I remember correctly it was parallel imported from Malaysia). Oh well, looking forward to that eventually delivered.

Last week was the big announcement by Apple of the iPhone refresh along with refreshing the Apple Watch line up and Airpods Pro. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much given that we’ve now reached a point that these products are very much mature so one shouldn’t expect radical changes in the design. As much as the ‘tech dude bro’ on YouTube like to consider themselves as the centre of the known universe, the reality is that for the vast majority of people the iPhone, for example, is something that they’ll upgrade every three years which is why the comparison in the performance graph was for a phone shipping in 2019 rather than last years of the previous years. Apple has all the data at their disposal and they can see the upgrade cycle is has pushed out from an average of every 2 years to now an average of 3 years hence the comparison.

The big question is whether I am convinced that I should upgrade – at this moment I’m waiting for the iOS 16 to be released tomorrow, see whether Google realise there are more than 14 countries in the world and how the Samsung Galaxy S23 which is rumoured to have the Snapdragon 8 Generation 2, stacks up against my iPhone 12 Pro Max. The benefit with waiting for the S23 is because it’ll come with Android 13 which will include the compulsory modules that can be upgraded by Google (since new phones running Android have to fall in line with the requirements of Android 13 but upgrades from older versions the phone OEM isn’t required to implement it on their older phones). I personally would prefer to get a Pixel phone if it were available and supported in NZ but given how Samsung has really lifted their game in the last few years, they’ve really become a contender when it comes to choosing a phone. That being said though, the iPhone 14 is very tempting at the moment given how heavily invested into the Apple ecosystem – oh, and I’m looking at getting the purple one.

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