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tvOS 16, iOS 16, Safari 16 and macOS 12.6 released.

At 5:10 this morning Apple released tvOS 16, iOS 16, Safari 16 and macOS 12.6 released – they were decent size downloads and it took a while to install. So far everything has been very reliable particularly with Safari 16 which has been rock solid and no problems with AdGuard, the issue with Google Chat appears to have been fixed, YouTube bug of going back/forwards hasn’t cropped up either but with all that being said not everything that is present in Safari 16 on macOS Ventura isn’t available on Safari 16 on macOS Monterey. Having had a look at the System Monitor it appears that a side effect of fixing security related memory issues is a reduction in the memory foot print aka fixing memory leaks. No complaints from me – I’m always happy when a software company pushes out an update and a few other problems are fixed up along the way.

There is a new feature called ‘Security Responses and System Files’ with iOS 16 which will hopefully mean that when there is a security vulnerability that they’re able to push out a security fix a lot quicker than having to bundle the fix with the next update cycle that they have planned. Hopefully this is a sign that Apple has a plan to make iOS more modular so that updates can be made available in a piecemeal fashion which will make addressing security issues and bug fixes in a timely manner.

Ubiquiti has released UniFi Network Application 7.2.94 which updated itself relatively quickly while 1.12.30 is in development to tidy up loose ends with the main focus being on bringing UnifiOS 2.x to the UDM and UDM Pro. I’m tempted to get a WiFi 6 access point but so far they’ve been out of stock and I’d prefer waiting until the firmware and hardware is more mature – hopefully Ubiquiti will release an AP HD model for WiFI 6 which will have the benefits of the current AP AC HD which I’m currently using at the moment.

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